2020 Alchemy Piquette

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The third in a series of piquettes celebrating the everyday heroes in our lives. ‘Alchemy' is made with grape pomace from our 2020 Field Hand. It's tart, complex, and slightly tannic.

Alchemy Artist Residency founded Table Settings, a charitable initiative that uses locally grown food to cook supper for Prince Edward County agricultural workers during the growing season.

Gathering together around food making and meal sharing is a profound and powerful means to foster human connections. These meals are offered to acknowledge the significant contribution of farm and vineyard labourers, many of whom come from outside of Canada and all of whom harvest the grapes that make wine enjoyed in the County and beyond. Alchemy’s artists and cooks work in charitable partnership with the Storehouse Foodbank and the Prince Edward County Community Foundation.

This piquette is named after the Alchemy Artist Residency. It’s our tribute to all the artists putting love into the world during dark times.

Alchemy Artist Residency will be using the proceeds from the sale of this product to directly benefit their Table Settings initiative.