2020 Dominique Piquette

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The first in a series of piquettes celebrating the everyday heroes in our lives. 'Dominique' is made with apple pomace from FieldBird Cider and honey from Randee's Bees. It's light, slightly sweet, and completely refreshing.

Dominique is a friend of Redtail Vineyards and a Nurse Practitioner working in Long Term Care. She has worked tirelessly throughout the pandemic, providing compassion to her patients and support for their families despite endless hours and limited resources.

During the height of COVID-19, staffing was down to bare bones. Every day was a marathon shift with no days off for weeks at a time. Through these challenging conditions, Dominique remained an unwavering support for her patients and an important liaison for their families, providing comfort and vital care during one of the most difficult periods of their lives.

This piquette is named after Dominique. It’s our tribute to all of the frontline healthcare heroes.

Dominique has chosen to donate proceeds from the sale of this product to the ALS Society of Canada, in honour of a close friend diagnosed with ALS.