2020 Miriam Piquette

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The fourth in a series of piquettes celebrating the everyday heroes in our lives. ‘Miriam’ is made with aromatic grape pomace and Pleasant Valley Hops. It’s bone dry, lightly hopped, almost-beer-but-better.

Miriam is a friend of Redtail Vineyards and the co-founder of Cheffing4Good (formerly Tribe Five), a collective of Toronto’s top female chefs that host 5-course dinners where 100% of the proceeds are donated to local charities. Despite working in one of the hardest-hit industries of the pandemic economy, they adapted their model to takeout and continued to fundraise.

Miriam has also volunteered her time translating for our Mexican seasonal workers, guiding them through 2021 COVID protocols and travel quarantine measures. As a Mexican-born LGBTQ+ person, Miriam has made a new life for herself in Canada and works to provide others with the same opportunity.

Miriam has chosen to donate proceeds from the sale of this product to Rainbow Railroad, an organization that brings LGBTQ+ refugees to Canada.

This piquette is named after Miriam. It’s our tribute to all of the chefs working to get out of the weeds.