Meet the Team

Lee Baker

Head Winemaker & Viticulturist

A Niagara native, Lee grew up in the heart of wine country. He fell in love with the industry and spent nine years working at some of the top wineries in Niagara, including Malivoire, Rosewood, and Lailey Vineyard. After earning his Honours Bachelor of Science in Cool-Climate Viticulture and Oenology from Brock University, Lee travelled to the Okanagan Valley where he served as assistant winemaker at two premium wineries. Now the Head Winemaker & Viticulturist at Redtail Vineyards, Lee is focusing his passion and extensive experience into producing quality wines with integrity and heart. His upcoming portfolio of wines include Burgundian classics that show both elegance and depth, and experimental small-lot wines made with as few interventions as possible. He believes that ‘natural’-style wine can be clean, well-balanced, and still show exceptional character.

Laura Hayes

Head of Administration & Operations

After years of working in the Toronto restaurant scene, Laura has developed a reputation for impeccable service and outstanding wine knowledge. In 2015 she left behind her established city life for the County's burgeoning wine industry and has never looked back. With an Advanced Certificate from the Wine and Spirit Education Trust and a taste for the County's terroir-driven style, Laura easily found her place in a community of people passionate about what they do. She's developed a deep love for the region, and wines that are distinctly unique to the area. Laura now oversees the expansion of Redtail in her role as Head of Administration & Operations. She brings a multitude of expertise to this challenging project, fueled by her genuine desire to help create and sell beautiful wine.

Kirstyn Mayers

Head of Sales & Marketing

Kirstyn’s County story started in 1990 when her grandparents bought a small cottage on Huyck’s Bay. She watched the wine scene slowly flourish, and eventually started working in the industry at the age of nineteen. After attending Humber College for Hospitality Management, Kirstyn moved her family to Prince Edward County full time. The broad scope of her experience in food, wine, marketing, and business management were a perfect fit for the growing team at Redtail. When the opportunity arose for her to help shape the future of the winery, she jumped at the chance to use her diverse skill set in a new, dynamic setting. In her role as Head of Sales & Marketing, Kirstyn focuses on sharing Redtail's wines and story. She strives to bridge the gap between the cellar and the consumer by creating authentic connections from vineyard to glass.

Brad Smith


Brad first met Thomas nearly twenty-five years ago when they worked together in the insurance industry in Holland. Since then, the two have become lifelong friends, collaborating on ideas and sharing in adventures. When Thomas asked him to oversee the expansion of Redtail, Brad had never set foot in the County before. He was immediately taken by the laid back way of life and the people that chose to call the County home. He saw the chance to build a business that emphasized the bigger things — a sustainable lifestyle that balances work with family, and innovation with environmental responsibility. Brad brings his vast experience in strategy and marketing to his role as President at Redtail Vineyards.

Thomas Stallinga


Thomas purchased Redtail Vineyards in 2018 after scouting wineries around the world for the perfect site. An accomplished actuary from Holland, he developed and eventually sold a financial services company before focusing on his growing passion for wine. Thomas quickly fell in love with the County and purchased an additional plot of land in Hillier overlooking Pleasant Bay, the site of a soon-to-be-planted 25 acre vineyard and new winemaking facility. He enlisted longtime friend and former colleague Brad Smith to oversee the project while Thomas travels the globe for actuary work, and winemaker Lee Baker to rehabilitate the Redtail site and take charge of the new winery expansion. Their vision is to maintain Redtail's minimal intervention winemaking practices and produce natural wines that are pure expressions of County terroir.