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    Redtail Vineyards Shines at the 2024 Sommeliers Choice Awards

    by Jocelyn Gardner June 21, 2024 2 min read

    Redtail Vineyards Shines at the 2024 Sommeliers Choice Awards

    Each year, this renowned competition brings together some of the finest wines from across the world, judged by a panel of wine professionals. The 2024 Sommeliers Choice Awards saw over 1,500 wines submitted from 30 different countries, and we at Redtail Vineyards are thrilled to announce that our First Estate wines have been recognized among the best.

    We are proud to celebrate the achievements of our Estate wines:

    2023 Estate Gamay Rosé: Gold Medal with 94 Points

    Earning a prestigious Gold Medal with an impressive score of 94 points. This vibrant and expressive wine showcases the delicate balance and flavours that define our approach to winemaking. With its bright acidity and aromatic profile, the Gamay Rosé is a true reflection of our Prince Edward County terroir. 

    2023 Estate Pinot Gris: Silver Medal with 83 Points

    Awarded a Silver Medal with 83 points, is a testament to the elegance that Pinot Gris can embody. This wine's crisp, refreshing character and complex layers of fruit and minerality make it a standout in any collection.

     2023 Estate Gamay Noir: Bronze Medal with 70 Points

    Winning a Bronze Medal with 70 points, rounds out our trio of award-winning wines. This expressive red wine, with its bright red fruit flavours and smooth tannins, reflects the meticulous care and attention we devote to our vineyards.

    In a field of over 1,500 entries, only 22 wines from Canada placed at this year's Sommeliers Choice Awards, with only 2 Canadian wines winning Gold Medals, one being our 2023 Gamay Rosé. Redtail Vineyards is proud to have contributed three of these distinguished wines. This achievement not only highlights our commitment to excellence but also places us among the top 70 wineries globally in this year’s competition!

    Leading the Way - Renan Theilloux 

    At the heart of Redtail Vineyards' success is our talented winemaker, Renan Theilloux. Renan's expertise and innovative approach to winemaking have been instrumental in crafting wines that capture the essence of our Prince Edward County terroir. His dedication to quality & his visionary processes are evident in every sip of our wines.

    We are grateful for the support of our customers and community. Your enthusiasm for our wines motivates us to keep reaching for new heights!

    Here’s to a future filled with exceptional wines and memorable moments!