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    What makes Prince Edward County's growing region stand out?

    by Jocelyn Gardner April 04, 2024 1 min read

    Redtail Vines

    The "lake effect" and the county's soil composition make this region unique in the world of wine-making. Soil composition is a vitally important factor. At Redtail, we are lucky enough to have the ideal soil composition to grow and make world-class Pinot Noir: a mix of Clay, gravel, loam, and limestone.

    Shaped by the glacier, the County offers a varied mix of soils, with many "shallow soils," meaning there is not a lot of soil before the bedrock. At Redtail, our three blocks benefit from deep soils, allowing the ideal water drainage/retention ratio.

    Ontario is generally defined as a cooler climate region. Prince Edward County is, per se, the coolest sub-region of all Ontario. And that is because of the lake effect. Lake Ontario "cools" down the hot and warm summer temperatures. Lake Ontario also provides a temperature differential between day and night that preserves the aromas and showcases aroma intensity in the different wines we produce.